DEL 17 ENE AL 20 ENE (Velocidad en pies-Speed in feet / Altura en mm-Height in mm)

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021


During the last maintenance week, we have implemented another procedure to our regular program. Before a deep aeration and a heavy sand topdress operation, a 2 cm verticut and a dry sand fill program were carried out. The new GKB Sand-Filler is used to do this operation.

Sand Filler
Grasses have a natural tendency to produce a high organic profile in the upper area of the soil. Overtime, this decreases the infiltration rate, the drainage, and consequently the oxygen flow to the roots leading to a poor root system. Moreover, the firmness required to have fast and dense greens is lost. Sandfiller is used once a year to remove some of this organic matter and then replace it with sand.

This is a quite aggressive and precise procedure but needed if we wish to maintain having the best greens possible. Unfortunately, a malfunction in the adjustment of the blades made minor damage on greens 1 and 9. Grass were scalped, but, since the crown and root system of the plant were not damaged, it will grow back in three weeks. Extra care will promote fast recovery of these patches. The maintenance team readjusted the equipment, so no further damages occurred.

Click here to find a video illustrating how this machine works.

Organic matter removed

Damage on Green 1