15 JUL - 16 JUL

viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017


·         Just aerated with a medium size hollow tine.
·         Greens rolling at 10-10.5
·         We are now currently redefining the shape of the greens.

      Fairways and roughs:
·         Working in the low humidity/low fertility regime.
·         New drainage at 4th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 17th

Collars and tees:

It is our weakest issue for near future. Main problem is dealing with salinity and stresses that make the turf less competitive vs. Bermudagrass and other weeds.
We have new annual weeds: crabgrass and goosegrass. They both germinate in spring and die in autumn. Every year is a new battle. Best approach is to use preemergence herbicide. Post emergence herbicide (once it weeds have stablished) needs to be done in summer when bentgrass is very susceptible.

Bermudagrass encroachment is very difficult to control. Herbicide application in summer, when Bermuda is very active and bentrass very weak is not a good option. We take actions to extend the life of the perimeters free of Bermuda (limited herbicide control, plastic barrier, edging, hand pulling, mowing low the Bermuda perimeter) but this will only slow down the encroachment. Digging and replacing sod is the only option.
We got 2.750 meters of green perimeters and 3.000 of tee perimeter (2.300 sqmt to change 40 cm of perimeter). We got 800 sqmt nursery.

Refurbishment 568
·         Details to finish: bark areas, ornamental grasses…

Stone work:
·         Creek at 8th.

Creek at 17th:
·         Needs cleaning of lake
·         Needs repair of sewage line (Municipality)
·         Needs changes in river banks to prevent future damages.

Bark areas:
·         New bark and Bermuda encroachment for winter.
·         Ornamental grasses.